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You're busy. We get it. Sometimes it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to keep up with the latest developments in crypto. We've got you covered.

The latest news on blockchain technology. From Bitcoin to Verge. ETH to OMG. ICOs worth keeping tabs on and the innovations behind them.





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Overwhelmed by all the noise in the cryptocurrency world? Us too. There're a ton of articles, videos and opinions out there and it can be a full time job just keeping up with everything. .

Mind the Block is for crypto enthusiasts tired of all the noise. Mind the Block is for the crypto investor looking for news on ICOs that make sense. For the folks looking for the latest crypto news without all the fluff. The developer interested in smartcontracts. Anyone excited by the possibilities of blockchain technology. You.

We find the articles pretty much every where you would expect. From Twitter to Reddit. Sometimes on Flipboard, sometimes on Hacker News. If it's worth reading, chances are someone's willing to share. It's one of the things we love best about the web development community.

If it's worth reading, we'll find it and you can bet we'll share it.

Is "because we love what we do" too trite an answer? Sifting through all the noise out there has always been something we all do. We figured that if we were constantly doing it, others probably needed help doing so too? AmIrite?

Yes. As soon as we get something in place, this answer is going to be updated. Promise!

Awh. We love you too! We'd love to chat with you regarding possible sponsorship opportunities!

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